"A mysterious and sadistic conspirator initiates her nearest and dearest
into a dark cult by a deadly game of torment and survival."

Fear Play is an original horror conception, a visually unique and thoughtful psychological thriller.
The picture aims to take an audience on a frightening but captivating journey into the piercing
darkness of the human psyche, while holding a mirror up to the disturbing trend in both popular
culture and the broader society that glorifies narcissistic and psychopathic personas and values.

The drama examines the disturbing cult of personality that surrounds the central protagonist,
Cassandra, disturbingly obsessed with a vacuous and self-serving popular television reality series.
Her presumed nearest and dearest - her husband, a financial executive, her longtime BFF, and her
live-in nanny - soon become unwitting victims in a sadistic game of dehumanization, humiliation,
and torture devised by Cassandra as a tool to create a devotional cult. Having been exhausted and
drugged in a lavish party sequence, each of the cast members soon awaken to being trapped in a
hellish labarynthian basement, masked, manacled and caged in various ways, and ultimately
stripped of all humanity and hope. Stalked and tormented by Cassandra's masked minions, and
finally Cassandra herself, each of the main characters must survive a test of endurance,
perseverance, and fortitude to escape their separate prisons and confront their presumed
partner-friend-colleague-turned-oppressor in an intense and suspenseful battle of wits and will.

Personal Message from the Director:

"From the beginning I saw Fear Play as a dark, foreboding visual treatise on the superficial
and entrancing but vacuous and malignant world of celebrity, wealth, and power, and the
horrific underbelly of torment and brutal domination that feeds the psychopathic appetite
of this world. The story wholly takes place in the spacious confines of a singular dark and foreboding
environment - the upstairs reflecting the grandiose and narcissistic personality of the antagonist
complete with twenty foot ceilings, a large mouth fireplace, and a prominent television screen
that appears to play a popular reality television show in perpetuity, and a dark, labarynthian
basement in a state of construction and decked out with the iconography of a sinister cult
where true evil resides.

As a nightmarish glimpse into the sadistic psyche of the antagonist, given shape and force
upon her nearest and dearest by her minions, Fear Play is a tense visual expression of the
horror of dehumanization and subordination, and the rise of evil in blind obedience to a
psychopathic nightmare, a sight-and-sound portrayal of the decent into hell.

For true fans of horror and psychological suspense who have been waiting for an original,
modern classic, Fear Play is for you."


Danny Johnston
Director and Writer, Fear Play